ANT Technologies is one of the emerging offshore development company founded by a team having extensive experience of providing solutions for brokerage, stock exchanges and financial institutions across the globe. The company offers products and service in following areas

  • Web Development and Analytic Solution
  • Website Performance and Cost Optimization
  • FIX integration, connectivity and certification
  • Web Traffic Management
  • Mobile Application Engineering

ANT Technologies core team comprises of experienced software professionals with broad based IT expertise, excellent analysis and design skills and in depth knowledge of industrial, financial and B2B application development. We have unique combination of experience of handling large-scale data and multimillion user base for second largest B2B portal in the world along with years of experience in developing FIX compliant financial applications having seamless failover recovery and high throughput for multiple markets across the globe. We have the team with following expertise and accomplishments

  • Extensive domain knowledge of equity market, trading, settlement and complete back office operations for international and domestic exchanges, ECNs and ATS. Detail understanding of trading interfaces and various services provided by New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext), NASDAQ OMX, AMEX, MENA region exchanges and Karachi Stock Exchange.
  • Expertise in designing and developing Order Management System, Trading Application, Back Office Applications, Settlement Systems, Allocation System, Fund Management Systems, Margin Financing Application, Hedge Fund Accounting Application, FIX Engine and Order Routing services for broker/dealers, buy/sell side firms, fund management firms, commercial banks, brokerage firms and hedge fund.
  • Design and develop FIX compliant trading applications suite, containing the ability to route orders to stock exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX etc) and ECNS like BRUT, INSTINET, ARCA and REDI etc using different versions and variants of FIX protocol.
  • Design and develop FIX Engines which are in operation since 2005 and currently providing connectivity and order routing to hundreds of FIX compliant systems and liquidity destinations. Also have extensive experience of creating, managing and optimizing production environment using other well known FIX Engines like NYFIX Appia, MIXIT and InfoReach FIX Engines.
  • Experience of managing production environment in multiple organizations. This includes providing connectivity, trading and order routing services to major markets in USA and the same services for MENA region markets including DFM, ADSM, EGX, PSE, KSE and TADAWUL as well as for international markets through Reuters and Bloomberg FIX network. Extensive experience of managing inbound and outbound message-flow going through multiple connections, ensuring proper certification of FIX connections and troubleshooting FIX connections for local and international clients (including trading and business side issues)
  • Extensive hands on experience in design and development of distributed and enterprise level desktop and web-based applications. Solid knowledge of inter-process communication, synchronization in multithreaded and multi-process application, seamless failover recovery, load balancing, replication and database design.
  • Experience of writing programming interface to integrate Trading applications with third party FIX Engines like B2BITS, QuickFIX and InfoReach. Design and develop applications to get Market Data Feed from third party feed providers like HyperFeed and Activ Financials.
  • Develop products targeting multiple platforms by enhancing and contributing in well-known open source libraries like ACE. Experience of porting desktop and server applications on different flavors of Linux OS.
  • Performance enhancement of B2B application for accommodating multi-million users and implementing architectural reforms in compliance with the practices laid out for Large-scale data centric web application.
  • Revitalization of existing LAMP architecture by using true power of Linux nurtured by writing high speed native C++ servers backed by the Reactor pattern of ACE Framework and bridging them with legacy PHP code base using 'Apache Thrift Protocol' in order to bring concurrency right in slower PHP scripts and utilizing Type-safe and multi-threaded programming platforms like C++ and C#.
  • Design, develop and automate a comprehensive lead nurturing system to improve ROI of marketing spend by plugging the leaks in lead management as well as enhance organizational capacity to give automated and intelligent sales pitch and send drip campaigns to increasing number of customers in minimum time. Ensure campaigns delivery by using multiple marketing channels and industry best practices for sender reputation.
  • Collectively more than twenty five years of experience in designing and developing client and server applications in C++ and C#.Net using well known design patterns, industry best practices and methodologies



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