Our Products

Comprehensive and highly configurable FIX application that act as sell side or execution destination for testing FIX enabled buy side applications. Testing scenario can be setup and FIX session can be configured as per specification of exchange’s protocols and different FIX protocol variants. Application online dashboard provides complete statistics of tests being passed and failed based on criteria and FIX session configuration settings.

BotFirewall is an standalone server application that protects website content from data harvesters and scrappers by determining the source of visitor and detecting bot activity. It rapidly blocks any access to potential page by redirecting all incoming traffic to CAPTCHA in order to distinguish real humans from bots and zombies. BotFirewall will provide an automatic and multi-leveled defense mechanism to not just stop data harvesting but also increase website performance for real visitor as well as reduce network bandwidth cost.

If you are victim of data harvesting and paying extra bandwidth cost to keep your site up and responsive then BotFirewall is the solution you need. It will identify human visitors of your website and also segregate good bots from bad bots. Complete statistics of human visitors, good bots (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) and zombie bots can be visualized on dashboard, all in real time.

Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) disseminates consolidated real-time data from all NASDAQ OMX Nordic Markets source systems. The TIP protocol is used as interface to retrieve the data from the data products you subscribe to.

  • NASDAQ OMX offers market depth and trade data for equity, fixed income, and derivative markets in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
  • NASDAQ OMX also supports a full range of Nordic index products.