Trade Conexus

The product offers a global trading platform through which customers can trade on FIX compliant Stock Exchanges and ECNs like NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ, ARCA, BRUT etc. through a single interface. It provides access to multiple markets to execute orders faster by exploiting available liquidity and to also get best price using multiple markets Level II 'quote depth'


FIXANTE is a high frequency FIX Engine featuring easy to use web based configuration, fast message processing and persistence, logging and connection resiliency. FIXANTE is capable of multiple versions of FIX protocol including custom variants of FIX used by customers

BOT Firewall

If you are victim of data harvesting and paying extra bandwidth cost to keep your site up and responsive then BotFirewall is the solution you need. It will identify human visitors of your website and also segregate good bots from bad bots. Complete statistics of human visitors, good bots (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) and zombie bots can be visualized on dashboard, all in real time.


Comprehensive and highly configurable FIX application that act as sell side or execution destination for testing FIX enabled buy side applications. Testing scenario can be setup and FIX session can be configured as per specification of exchange’s protocols and different FIX protocol variants. Application online dashboard provides complete statistics of tests being passed and failed based on criteria and FIX session configuration settings

RACS (Regulatory Audit, Compliance & Surveillance) System

The RSC product, RACS, has made it easy to conduct surveillance by implementing rules to identify possible market abuse, market manipulation and technology failures. Intra-day Alerts are generated along with reports to allow for immediate correction. This feature is especially useful in today’s highly complex and continually evolving trading environment

FIX Log Modifier

This application allows user the ability to encrypt any FIX field before giving out any data externally

Motrixi ANNEX

With Motrixi’s real time dashboard UI, you now have the capability to monitor your mobile campaign when YOU want and most importantly, all information is in real time. ANNEX will measure all elements of your creative (CTR, time spent, video views, click to map, etc) and will even show you what app/WAPs your clicks eminated from.

Whether it is a branding campaign or even a performance/CPC campaign, Motrixi has the solution for you.

Tick Server Application Suite

Tick server is a suite of cross-platform applications to receive forex market data from multiple liquidity providers.
It creates and manage ticks and variety of bars in real-time and disseminates requested data to connected client applications.
It also provides different types of APIs to retrieve desired data

Message Server

Message server receives data from different liquidity provider and publish it to price server. It also handles catch-up, recovery and resend requests from price server.

Price Server

Price server is the main application which receives raw data from message server, create ticks and bars data and serialize it in respective binary files. It receives data requests from client applications and disseminates requested data.

Patching Server & Client

These applications handles different cases of gap detection in feed data and provides patches of missing data to price server to fill gaps. With different configuration, this application can also be used to reconstitute and rebuild price server with current/historical data from different third party data providers.

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