Enhanced performance of your core application has direct impact on cost because after optimization it can handle more customers, requests and data in existing infrastructure/hardware. We have following major accomplishments in our track record so far.

  • Performance enhancement for high volume web sites to accommodate multi-million visitors and implementing architectural reforms in compliance with the industry best practices laid out for large-scale data centric web application.
  • Optimize trading application performance to handle speedy and huge influx of orders on NYSE Euronext trading floor and upstairs trading desks. Needless to say, to remain competitive in world largest financial institution and beating existing applications requires consistent and effective use of industry best practices and technologies.

In your business after effectively running operations for years, now if you are facing degraded performance and increasing infrastructure cost issues then with our help you can easily get 20% to 50% performance gain and hence equivalent reduction in cost.

We have team of professionals having around ten years of experience in designing and developing enterprise level trading applications for brokerage houses to trade in NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ, ECNs, ATS and MENA region exchanges and markets. FIX engines developed by our team are in operation on trading floor of NYSE and other exchanges handling hundreds of connections. We have extensive experience of designing and developing programming interfaces to integrate legacy trading applications and portals with major commercial and open source FIX Engines like NYFIX Appia, B2BITS, QuickFIX and InfoReach. Besides making your application FIX compliant, we can technically help you in

  • Establishing seamless connectivity to equity markets and counter sides
  • Performing session and functional level testing and getting certified from authorized bodies.
  • Performing load testing and optimizing to get required benchmarks.

If you have one of the following questions in your mind then we can help you to get answers.

  • Having giga bytes of user entered data and logs with little or no information and now you want to get meaning from it to make strategic decisions.
  • You need to perform complex pattern detection including goals conversion, customer behaviour and click-path analysis.
  • With increasing number of users and data growth, existing application and infrastructure is crumbling causing severe issues on support end. You want to get out of this situation without increasing your infrastructure cost.
  • Features in your application getting useless because of exponential increase in data size up to a point where conventional data retrieval and storage solutions fails. We can help you to restore application and optimize data repository.

Are you victim of data harvesting and paying extra bandwidth cost to keep your site up and responsive? We have a solution for you that will identify human visitors of your website and also segregate good bots from bad bots in real time. It will provide you an automatic and multi-leveled defense mechanism to stop not only data harvesting from your website but also increase website performance for real visitor and at the same time reduce your bandwidth cost.

  • If you want to scale your existing software stack by integrating legacy applications with different types of third party applications to complete your business workflow.
  • If you want automation of your business processes and work flow with tracking and monitoring to optimize your cost and remain competitive in market.
  • If you want seamless change from obsolete software and technologies to newer software infrastructure without effecting your business operations.

We are a team of professionals having extensive experience in writing middle-ware application and integrating it with legacy software, data enrichment and migration, seamless migration from obsolete set of software/protocols to newer and advanced solutions.